OMNIDRIVE, SS217, 2868-407-128, 2868-405-168,JA2C503N,O6-R217

OMNIDRIVE, SS217, 2868-407-128, 2868-405-168,JA2C503N,O6-R217

1.00 $


REPLACE OEM Replacement for Chromalox, Caloritech, Federal Pioneer & Westcan Electric Heaters and others needing these specifications.
Replaces Old Numbers:   06-R217, 2868-407-022, 2868407048, 2868407105, 2868407130, 2868-407-130, 2868407139, 2868-407-139, 2868407162, 2868-407-162, 2868-409-042, 2868-409-050, 2868-513-073, 2868-513-081, 2868-513-090, 2868-811-013, AA2M5913, R217, SS217


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Product Specifications
  Body Diameter (Inches): 3.3
  Frame: 3.3
  HP: 1/35
  Volts: 240
  Amps: 0.50
  RPM: 1450
  Speeds: 1
  Rotation: Opposite Shaft End: CW
  Bearing: Sleeve
  Enclosure: Totally Enclosed
  Shaft: Diameter x Length (Inches): 1/4 x 1.20
  Motor Type: Shaded Pole
  Body Length (Inches): 2.50
  Mounting: Stud
  Wiring: Leads W/ Spade Terminals

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